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ESR 15 @ Stryker Trauma GmbH, Germany

ESR 15: Sebastião Maria Mollet de Barros


ESR 15 project


Sebastião Mollet Morais de Barros is from Portugal. He obtained his Master’s degree from Imperial College London (UK) in September 2019 after completing a Master’s Research programme in the Department of Bioengineering. His project revolved around the effects of foetal movement on the development of the intervertebral disc in the mouse model.

Prior to joining Imperial College, Sebastião obtained his BSc with Honours in Biochemistry from Kingston University (UK) in 2018.

He joined the BIOREMIA Network in September 2020 as an Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) at Stryker Trauma GmbH (Germany). His ESR project in BIOREMIA is focused on optimisation of industrially standardised coating technologies for biocompatible metallic materials towards improved antibacterial efficiency, and suitable osseointegration for trauma implants.

Here you can listen Sebastião speaking about his PhD research work in his mother tongue (Portuguese).

Sebastião on his secondments
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