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BIOREMIA Network will organise several training meetings at regular intervals over the course of the ESRs projects to bring the young researchers together and foster networking and interpersonal collaborations. These meetings will be focused on particular topics of interest for the Network and designed to provide advanced scientific and transferable skills courses to the Early Stage Researchers.

BIOREMIA training events (workshops, summer & winter schools) will be arranged so that each provides: courses on relevant research issues, presentation of the fellows‘ work and complementary/soft skills training.

Supplementary to the network-wide training events we plan a series of e-Seminars on various topics proposed by PhD students and PIs. The e-Seminars are freestanding events and aim to deepen a certain topic of interest for our young researchers. In principal,  the BIOREMIA e-Seminar will include one lecture given by world-class experts (scientists, entrepreneurs) followed by Q&A sessions.

BIOREMIA training events and e-Seminars are listed below:

Training Events

Kick off meeting

  • 23. - 24.01.2020
  • IFW Dresden (Germany)

Initial orientation workshop

Research methodology, characterisation techniques and reporting scientific results

  • 1.10. - 2.10.2020
  • online event

Soft Skills Training

Time & Project Management | Working in Teams

  • 04. & 07.12.2020
  • online event

BIOREMIA Winter School & Mid-Term Check

Biomaterials and Antibacterial technologies

  • 09 - 12.02.2021
  • online event

Transferable Skills Training

Introduction to Scientific Publishing & How to Read a Paper

  • 11. & 12.03.2021
  • online event

Open science workshop

Implant-related infections: clinical and translational aspects, biofilm pathogenesis and osseointegration

  • 4. & 7-8. June 2021
  • UGOT (Sweden)

Transferable Skills Training

Training on design and production of MOOC

  • 17.06.2021
  • online event

Workshop Science Communication & Presentation Skills

  • 10 - 14.10.2021
  • Dresden (Germany)

1st industrial workshop

Material development from lab to marketable medical devices

  • 28.03. - 01.04.2022
  • Anthogyr (France)

Transferable Skills Training

Becoming a Scientific Writer: Putting Why? before How?

  • 13., 14. & 15.06.2022
  • online event

BIOREMIA Satellite event

BIOREMIA get-together during the Junior EUROMAT 2022

  • 21.07.2022
  • Coimbra, Portugal

BIOREMIA summer school

Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies for the prevention of bacterial biofilms

  • 29.08. - 02.09.2022
  • UOI (Greece)

Transferable Skills Training

Grant Writing: From PhD to Scientific Leadership

  • 29.11.2022
  • online event

2nd industrial workshop

Commercialisation of research outcomes

  • 27. - 31.03.2023
  • Ashland (Ireland)

Career Development Workshop

  • 25-26 September 2023
  • Torino (Italy)

BIOREMIA final conference

Overview of the BIOREMIA achievements & Final Reporting

  • 15 & 16 April 2024
  • Vienna (Austria)


01. 'Metallic Glass Discovery and Science Using Combined Forces of Combinatorial, High-Throughput, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence Strategies'

Prof. Jan Schroers (Yale University, USA)

  • 21.01.2021
  • online event

02. "An Overview of the Mechanical Properties of Metallic Glasses"

Prof. Frans Spaepen (Harvard University, USA)

  • 14.04.2021
  • online event

03. "Biomaterial-Associated Infection: Locating the Finish Line in the Race for the Surface”

Prof. Henk J. Busscher (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)

  • 26.05.2021
  • online event

04. “Unraveling the atomic-scale properties of metallic glasses”

Prof. Udo Schwarz (Yale University, USA)

  • 10.02.2022
  • online event

05. "Surface Design to Avoid Biomaterial Associated Infection"

Prof. Martin Andersson (Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden)

  • 20.02.2023
  • online event

06. "Micro and nanotools for on- and off- chip biomedical applications"

Dr. Mariana Medina Sanchez (IFW Dresden, Germany)

  • 14.06.2023
  • online event