Horizon 2020
European Union Funding
for Research & Innovation
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ESR 13: Bactericidal properties of precious metal-based glassy alloys: an industrial design approach towards a novel class of anti-biofouling materials

Project Description

Main Objective:

  • To achieve excellent bactericidal properties by chemical and topological design of precious metal-based glasses for dental applications


  • Fabrication of precious metal bulk amorphous alloys containing Cu and/or Ag by casting and optional by additive manufacturing
  • Topological modifications by thermoplastic surface patterning
  • Study an oxidation approach to increase the Cu / Ag surface concentration
  • Evaluation of degradation / corrosion kinetics in simulated body fluids (metal ion release and electrochemical measurements)
  • Feasibility / scale-up study for the manufacturing of small dental parts.

Expected Results:

  • Quantitative relationship between bactericidal properties and design aspects
  • "Best-practice" guidelines for optimized processing
  • Understanding the design – processing – property relationship for a roadmap scheme of the production of dental parts at semi-industrial scale.

The ESR will travel abroad for research secondments at different institutions within the BIOREMIA Network (e.g. at Montanuniversität Leoben-Austria, Goeteborgs Universitet-Sweden, Yale University-US) and will participate in specialised training meetings and international conferences.

The ESR will enroll in the doctoral program at Montanuniversität Leoben- Austria.


ESR 13: Juan José Londoño Rueda

PX Services SA (PXS), Switzerland

Juan José Londoño received in 2017 a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad EAFIT, Medellin, Colombia, and a Master in Engineering degree from the same institution in 2019.